Welcome to Basic Mormon Beliefs!

Hello one and all. Welcome to BasicMormonBeliefs.com — the site all about Mormon beliefs and life.

I’m really excited to be taking on this venture. I am a practicing member of the Mormon Church. The proper name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You may also here us referred to as Latter-day Saints, or LDS. Yeah, it can get confusing.

But I’m glad you’re here. Currently, there’s still a lot of things “under construction” but I’m excited how things are looking. It will still take me a little while to get all the content up but I hope that this site can serve as a place where everyone can get the truth behind Mormonism. There’s a lot of false stuff out there and I simply want people to hear it as it is.

As a Mormon, I believe in Jesus Christ. He is the center of everything we do in the church.

So, go ahead and poke around. I hope you’ll come back soon.