The Holy Bible

What is the Holy Bible?

  1. The Holy Bible is scripture read by many Christian denominations across the globe. It is divided into two sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  2. The term “Bible” originates from a Greek word ta biblia, which means “the books.” Literally speaking, The Holy Bible is a collection of books written by many prophets, redactors, and other authors.
  3. The Holy Bible contains the words of God spoken to the people of Jerusalem and the surrounding area. Its opening pages begin about 6000 B.C. with its final pages ending sometime in the first century A.D.

Do Mormons Read the Bible?

Yes! The misconception that Mormons do not read the Bible probably stems from our use of additional scriptures, like the the Book of Mormon. The Mormon Church uses the King James Version of the Bible.

Is the Bible True?

Yes! Mormons believe the Bible is true; however, as our article of faith states, “We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly.”

We recognize that the Bible is a collection of books that has been edited, revised, and translated dozens of times throughout the centuries. As such, there are human errors. Notwithstanding, the Bible teaches about God and about Jesus Christ. I believe that anyone who follows the teachings of the Bible will lead a happier life.

Is the Holy Bible the Word of God?

Yes! God has always revealed His gospel and His commandments to His children. While the Bible does not contain the totality of God’s teachings to His children, what is contained is His holy word. For centuries, the Bible has taught people about God and about Jesus Christ. It’s frightening to think where our world might be without it.

The Old Testament

The Old Testament contains a history of the creation of the world. It is a record of all the prophets from the time of Adam until the time of Malachi in about 430 B.C. There is about a 400 year gap between the Old and New Testaments.

The New Testament

The New Testament begins with the birth of Jesus Christ. It contains a history of His life and teachings. It also includes a history of the apostles and the primitive church which Jesus established.

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