The Primary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Primary organization is part of the organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All children, ages 18 months to 11, are part of the primary.

According to the official church website, “[The Primary’s] purpose is to help children learn and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ and prepare to make and keep sacred covenants.” For 2 hours each Sunday during church, children of the primary meet in age specific groups and are taught simple truths about God, Jesus, and His gospel.

In my congregation today, we had our annual Primary Program. This is when all the Primary kids sing songs and share scriptures about things they’ve learned in Primary that year. It is such a sweet experience to see little kids sing songs about family or about Jesus, and to tell the whole congregation how they believe in God. And of course, as kids will be kids, there’s usually a couple of laughs.

When most people think of church, they think of a pastor or other leader preaching at the pulpit. While there’s certainly our fair share of preaching going on most other Sundays, this Sunday with the Primary Program is something entirely unique. Just to illustrate how profound this is, here is what was covered in today’s program at my congregation:

primary child reading the scriptures

I believe God has a special place in His heart for children. In the New Testament, we read:

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. —Matthew 19:14

Truly, we are all children of God and He has invited all of us to come unto Him by following the teachings of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Mormon Missionary Lessons

mormon missionariesI’m excited to say that I just completed some pages on this website about the Mormon missionary lessons for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The pages contain links for lesson pamphlet downloads as well as brief information about each lesson.

Each year tens of thousands of young men and women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-dad Saints travel the world declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Young men typically serve a mission at age 19 for a period 2 years. Young women serve for a period of 18 months typically at the age of 21. Mormon senior couples also serve as missionaries in hundreds of locations throughout the world.

Anyone is welcome to worship with us. You can also request the Mormon missionaries visit your home to teach you about Jesus Christ and His church by visiting

LDS General Conference October 2011

LDS Conference CenterThe General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is being held October 1-2, 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

You can visit the official Mormon Church Website to watch General Conference live, or to read or listen to previous sessions of conference.

LDS General Conference October 2011 Schedule

  • Saturday Morning Session: 10am – 12pm, October 1
  • Saturday Afternoon Session: 2pm – 4pm, October 1
  • Priesthood Session: 6pm – 8pm, October 1
  • Sunday Morning Session: 10am – 12pm, October 2
  • Sunday Afternoon Session: 2pm – 4pm, October 2
  • All times are Mountain Daylight Time.

Whether you are Mormon or not, this is a great opportunity to hear inspiring words from great men and women. The prophet and 12 Apostles of the Mormon church will be speaking during this General Conference, in addition to other Church leaders.

Mormons and Eternal Marriage – Expressions of Love Video

One of the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that is dearest to me is that of eternal marriage and eternal families. Mormons believe that marriage does not have to end at “…death to do yo part.” Rather, through the power of God (the priesthood), man and woman can be married for this life, and for eternity, in sacred temples. This means that family relationships can continue beyond the grave. I know that God wouldn’t want it any other way.

Below is a video produced by the Mormon Church that sort of interviews some Mormon couples talking about their eternal marriages and their expressions of love. Enjoy.

The Power of Being a Good Example: Daniel and the Lions Den

I’ve been attending Sunday School since I was a little kid, learning about Bible stories and things about Jesus. I think one of the stories that everyone is taught in all Christian churches is the story of Daniel and the Lions Den.

It’s quite a miraculous story, that Daniel survives such an event. And that’s typically the lesson I remember learning from this story—that Daniel’s faith in God saves him from the lions.

daniel and the lions den

When I was reading through the book of Daniel a few weeks ago, something else struck me about this remarkable story.

As you may recall, King Darius had been convinced by many of the presidents and princes of his kingdom to make a law that no one could pray to any other god. They could only pray to the king. If anyone was caught praying to any other god or man in the next 30 days, they would be cast into the den of lions. This, of course, was a trick.

Daniel, being the good man that he was, did pray to God and was caught. It appears from the story in the bible that King Darius was very distraught and did not want to punish Daniel. Nevertheless, for the law’s sake, he did.

Now, this is what struck me. In Daniel 6:16 of the KJV Bible, as Daniel is being cast into the den of lions, it reads:

“Now the king spake and said unto Daniel, Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee.”

King Darius did not believe in God. However, the example that Daniel set must have been so powerful that the king new God could save Daniel. That is the power of being a good example.

So, don’t forget: no matter who you are or where you are, you can be a good example to people around you. Even if they don’t believe in God or Jesus Christ, they can see the good in you by the way you live your life.