Mormon Temple Ceremony

Temples are different than normal Mormon meetinghouses or chapels. A temple is a sacred place set aside for special instruction and ordinances, such as marriage. It would be inappropriate to share in detail what happens within a temple but the pictures and descriptions below can give you a sense for what happens, along with a sense of the beauty and reverence that is within each building.

Ordinance Room – Sacramento, CA Temple

sacramento ordinance room
An ordinance room is where patrons are taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and where they make special covenants with God. It is a room of instruction.

Ordinance Room – Draper, Temple Temple

Draper Temple Ordinance Room

Celestial Room – Draper, Utah Temple

mormon temple celestial room
There is a Celestial room inside every temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Celestial room is a place of prayer and contemplation and symbolizes a place of heavenly rest after our life on this earth.

Sealing Room – Draper, Utah Temple

mormon temple sealing room
A Sealing room is called such because husband and wife are sealed together for eternity by priesthood authority. It is essentially a place for weddings, but with a higher meaning since Mormon couples believe that they will be married for eternity and be with their families forever.

Bridal Room – Denmark Temple

Mormon Temple bridal room
Because marriages are such a big part of Mormon temples, there are bridal rooms where the bride can get ready before the joyous wedding ceremony.

Baptismal Font – Washington, D.C. Temple

mormon temple baptistry
Mormons believe that baptism by full immersion is essential to salvation. Because there are many people that have lived on this earth that never had the opportunity to be baptized, Mormons perform baptism in behalf of their deceased ancestors.