Can Non-Mormons Attend Mormon Worship Services?

mormon meetinghouse

A typical Mormon meetinghouse

A visitor to the site recently asked, “can non-Mormons attend Mormon worship services?” This is a great question. Whether it’s the Mormon Church or any other church, people often wonder if they are invited to attend.

The answer is, yes! Visitors are always welcome to attend regular church worship services held (in most parts of the world) each Sunday. Meeting times vary depending on the location, but you can find a local meetinghouse and time here:

What Should You Expect?

It’s totally normal to feel a little uneasy when visiting a new place for the first time. My experience has been that Mormons are warm and welcoming, and simply excited to have a new visitor in their midst. If you decide to attend a Mormon worship service, hopefully you’ll feel the same way.

A typical worship service on Sunday consists of 3 separate meetings.

  1. Sacrament Meeting: This is the main worship service. But don’t expect to hear a preacher speaking at the pulpit here—the Mormon Church has a lay ministry and sermons (referred to as talks) are usually given by members of the congregation each week. We also partake of the sacrament (aka communion) in remembrance of Jesus Christ.
  2. Sunday School: During this meeting, members meet in different Sunday School classes depending on their age. Children attend primary, young adults attend separate classes based on their age, and adults meet together. Topic discussed are about the gospel of Jesus Christ and may be on any of several Christian topics found in the Bible or Book of Mormon.
  3. Priesthood and Relief Society: For the last meeting, the men and women separate for different lessons and instruction. Men, of which all worthy males hold the priesthood, attend a meeting to discuss the gospel of Jesus Christ and learn how to better fulfill their duties as husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. The women of the Church are part of the largest women’s organization in the world, called the Relief Society. They discuss the gospel of Jesus Christ and receive instruction on how to be the best mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

For me, attending worship services each week is a great way to take a break from this crazy world and gain a better perspective. Learning about God and Jesus Christ, and hearing from other members teach and share their personal experiences really helps strengthen me for the week ahead.

Have you attended a Mormon worship service before? Tell us about it in the comments below.