Mormon Family Night

mormon family night

In “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” it states that “the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the Eternal destiny of His children.” Mormons place a strong emphasis on family. We believe the family to be the central unit to society. The family should be a place of safety, learning and love.

As such, Mormon families around the world hold a regular family night, usually on Monday nights, as a chance to strengthen family bonds. Members of the Church refer to it as Family Home Evening.

What is Mormon Family Night?

Family night is different for each family. Some families are just a husband and wife. Others are a single mom and her children, while others are big families with grandparents and kids. Even friends and roommates can have a family home evening.

Essentially, family night is a time to teach and learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is usually a brief lesson given by a parent or child. Often, families will end family night by playing a game or eating a dessert.

In an age when so many marriages end in divorce family night is a crucial time each week for families to come together, to be strengthened in the Lord, and to discuss issues and other family topics. It’s a wonderful thing!

Does your family have a special family night now and again? What have you done to keep your family close, especially during tough times?

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